Since I was a child I have felt a great fascination for the literary world, I remember my first book, none other than The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, and very quickly I traveled through countless stories where the letters came to life under different faces. Thanks to the power of written words I enjoyed the imagination of Miguel de Cervantes, Victor Hugo or Robert Louis Stevenson.  I was also surprised by the fact that these works managed to break the barriers of time, culture and distance to reach the heart of a little Colombian girl who took refuge in libraries to dream with her eyes wide open.  All these authors that I have had the privilege of reading have one thing in common: They trusted what they wrote.  Then, a question comes to my mind, how much do we believe in our abilities?
For example, if you think you make delicious desserts, have you allowed others to enjoy your sweet creations? Or have you simply not done so because you are afraid they will say you are not s…


Without being a big fan of action movies, I have to admit that I felt a great affinity with a phrase said in the Fast and Furious franchise (delivery 7).  In a somewhat melancholy scene, Dominic Toretto tells Letty,"You can't tell someone they love you.”  Apparently this sounds obvious, but, don't believe it... sometimes we stubbornly forget it! Loving is undoubtedly an emotion that can lead us to "the need", the need for our loved one to correspond to us in the same way. However, what happens when you are not reciprocated? Is it wise to surrender in love?
I must emphasize that I disagree with the very popular statement "All’s fair in love and war.” I think that the word "victory" in war is stained by the death of many, so there is no prowess in it, only shame. And if we speak of love, when we cling to someone who does not want to be with us, we are directly attacking our dignity.Love feeds on its freedom, the day we try to force it, that day we tu…


My 15-month-old niece is the clear example of how to be surprised by life. She is happy crossing her small fingers, sighs and opens her bright eyes when she touches different textures, while with her gaze she looks amazed at the origin of the sounds.The beautiful Julieta -my niece-, lives in constant admiration with this, which is now her world... In fact, even my curly hair has been the object of research by her.And to think that we were all like that, with that fervent desire to discover everything around us; however, as we "learned" what it was about, we also got used to seeing it as something simple.Although the question is, do we really know the value of everything we have already supposedly discovered? Or did we just take it for granted that we understood it?
A rather popular saying says that, "You don't know what you have until it's gone.” This was exactly what I felt a few months ago when I suffered a terrible respiratory infection. I had always breathed …


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I have been working on the design, as well as the writing of my first storybook and novel. However, I will publish my blog again this month. 

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One of my favorite writers, Aldous Huxley said: "Indifference is a form of laziness, and laziness is one of the symptoms of disaffection. Nobody is lazy with what they love." I wonder, would it be possible that we are lazy to love ourselves? On other occasions, I have written about the importance of self-esteem, in order to strengthen self-confidence and develop an unwavering spirit that approaches us toward our purpose in life. But the truth is that having a strong self-esteem not only is a personal benefit, but also a progress contribution to the society. Let us think, if we breathe this perfect oxygen with a spirit of gratitude and also make ourselves aware of the millions of lessons to be learned, and the invaluable learning to be share with people; those who would really advance, it would be all of us. Since, if you are able to respect yourself, you will be able to respect others; if you know how much love you deserve, you will know how much love the others need from yo…


You will not come out of the bottom of the cliff unless you believe in yourself and you will not stay at the top of the mountain unless you control your ego. Remember, on the road to success you need to be big, but you must also be small; big for overcoming your fears, small to not be tempted by the glory. In the 2019 Australia Open, multi-champion Roger Federer who not only has countless titles, but who is also recognized as one of the living legends of world tennis, had no qualms to abide by an order that prevented him from entering in the locker rooms, since he did not carry his accreditation at that time. So, Federer waited patiently for a few minutes until his entry pass was brought. Why didn’t this champion presume his fame and made some kind of scandal with the security guard? Because the real successful people know that each individual carries out an immense valuable work, regardless of their social status.
Underestimating your qualities imprisons your greatness, and overestima…


If when we were learning to walk, we had remained on the floor for fear to fall back, we would have never learned how to give a step after another. The fear was not part of us back then, as our desire to discover the world was more intense than the hits of the falls.  However, over the years, instead of becoming more courageous by each reached challenge, we started to design "our own mental paralysis."  Moved like puppets by those negative representations of our self-image, we had forgotten how to keep the balance in our actions.  In such a way that, even if our bodies have learned how to walk, our minds still don't know how to direct progressively.
Think, what do X-man Wolverine and us have in common? This comics-book mutant is made of a hard metal called "adamantium" which allows him to self-regenerate, just like that, regardless of the seriousness of his injuries due to his confrontations; he has the ability to fully recover. We, on the other hand, also own a…