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When the alarm clock rings... it tells us that it is time to keep dreaming, but this time with our eyes wide open. The reasons that motivate us to stand would be innumerable, however, there is one that is powerful enough: A new opportunity to re direct and re build our lives has been born. Now, if we really want to produce those results that allow us to grow, we must create states of mind that lead us to get them. And how to achieve this? We could start by connecting with gratitude. Living in a state of gratitude helps us to appreciate the now. To do this, let's imagine that the past is like the dawn, it indicates the starting point of the day. The future is like the sunset, it indicates the culmination of the day. But, what is between them? The day, “the today.” Knowing what to focus is vital, although, knowing what to defocus is too. Our past must be confronted, forgiven, and used as a sobering source, but focusing on it prevents us from moving forward. Therefore, if you al