When the alarm clock rings... it tells us that it is time to keep dreaming, but this time with our eyes wide open. The reasons that motivate us to stand would be innumerable, however, there is one that is powerful enough: A new opportunity to re direct and re build our lives has been born. Now, if we really want to produce those results that allow us to grow, we must create states of mind that lead us to get them. And how to achieve this? We could start by connecting with gratitude. Living in a state of gratitude helps us to appreciate the now. To do this, let's imagine that the past is like the dawn, it indicates the starting point of the day. The future is like the sunset, it indicates the culmination of the day. But, what is between them? The day, “the today.”
Knowing what to focus is vital, although, knowing what to defocus is too. Our past must be confronted, forgiven, and used as a sobering source, but focusing on it prevents us from moving forward. Therefore, if you already forgave your past, why to continue living in it? On the other hand, it is essential to have goals and dreams and projections, as it is the way how we grow, but living in a non-existent future creates the opposite effect, i.e., it blurs our vision. So, if you already have clear objectives and are also flexible with the plan to get them, why don't you dare to live in the now? Refuse to live in “automatic mode.” End with the illusion of the "ego" which is attached to a past that no longer exists and a future that is not yet. Remember that your reality is the result of the interpretation you give to what happens to you, that means that you see the world as you want to see it. Hence the importance of defocusing those limiting patterns of perception and focus, rather, in an optimum state of gratitude to thus generate new beliefs that allow filtering an enabling meaning about your life.
For example, using the "mental microscope" to carefully observe those mistakes of the past, will not make you change it. Living your life at the beginning of your story will make you experience frustration, because you set the belief that you were not as you wanted to be. On the other hand, compulsively resorting to the "mental telescope" to view the distant future, will not make you be in it. Living your life at the end of your story, will make you feel anxiety, because you set the belief that you need much more time to be who you would really like to be. So, focusing on times that are not under our control, is to give to our ego an excuse to justify its fear to live in the present.
Then, it is necessary to emotionally detach yourself from your manipulative ego, and give the opportunity to your 'being' to live in the glorious present.  Answer this: “Why are you feeling grateful today?” Make a list, then be thankful for each one of them. From now on, when you open your eyes, set your mind in how blessed you are and use this as the engine to continue to progress. Living in a state of gratitude allows establishing thoughts that make you aware of who you are, sharpen your vision and shape an unstoppable character. In addition, in this new state of consciousness you will understand with joy that “Your 'being' is here already present.” Therefore, if you want to have a future that is different from your past, it is necessary to change your present. You are a designer by nature, so do not comply with the initial sketch, but nor do you pretend to have your final product without a process, learn to enjoy every stroke that you are making to your masterpiece called life.

Ángela López, Author.

Spanish Translation


  1. So true Angela, and I love the new post on Twitter to match... always to lovely.

    Refuse to live in “automatic mode.” - this is so important. It's so easy for us to get caught up in loops and cyclic ways of thinking, producing cyclic behaviors. I also love what you shared about gratitude. A simple gratitude list every day can really help break cycles and also keep our attitudes healthy, happy and in perspective. Thank you for sharing!

  2. So much to learn from you, dear Patrick!!! Thanks for your incredible support!!!


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