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By Ángela López I like you, pain; you remind me that I am still breathing.   As long as you continue to sleep by my side, this body will continue to cling to the warmth of the agony to which you have condemned me.   For years I have cursed you, but one fine day surrender knocked at my door, my knees finally bent before you, dear adversary. My decision was not due to lack of courage, but to the weariness of an absurd struggle; I wanted to change the result, when in reality mathematics is exact, one plus one will always be two, it will never be zero.   Poor innocent me when I tried to reject what made me different from the others, no one can run away from his shadow. The answer was always Acceptance. Raised under the religious bosom, I remembered the words of the New Testament in the Gospel according to Luke that says: "to him who strikes you on one cheek, present the other also…".   I have tattooed this advice in my heart to understand that I cannot fight against pain; on the