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"Do not only read your story, rewrite it." This is a sentence that I wrote long ago. Its origin comes from my own life, when I realized that if I wanted to be the champion of my own race, then I had to decide to build my own track, follow it and win it. No one else would do it for me! Most importantly, I discovered that the person who prevented me from competing and emerging victorious was I . So is! I myself, self-sabotaged using outdated or erroneous concepts that limited my ability to run. For example, I longed to be disciplined, but I classified such action in the "impossible" category, by doing this, my mind would associate pain with the idea of effort and continuous work which self-discipline involves. So, I started to look for excuses that support my belief of "I can't." So, I came to the following conclusion: "To rewrite my history, the first thing to do is unlearn my limiting beliefs." From there, I made the decision to c