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My 15-month-old niece is the clear example of how to be surprised by life. She is happy crossing her small fingers, sighs and opens her bright eyes when she touches different textures, while with her gaze she looks amazed at the origin of the sounds.   The beautiful Julieta -my niece-, lives in constant admiration with this, which is now her world... In fact, even my curly hair has been the object of research by her.   And to think that we were all like that, with that fervent desire to discover everything around us; however, as we "learned" what it was about, we also got used to seeing it as something simple.   Although the question is, do we really know the value of everything we have already supposedly discovered? Or did we just take it for granted that we understood it? A rather popular saying says that, "You don't know what you have until it's gone.” This was exactly what I felt a few months ago when I suffered a terrible respiratory infection. I had


Dear readers, I have been working on the design, as well as the writing of my first storybook and novel. However, I will publish my blog again this month.  Below, I share with you some stories published in other social networks or if you prefer, enter to   WWW.ANGELALOPEZ.CO Thanks for your much appreciated messages. With love, Ángela López.