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All of us have, any time, wanted to have a perfect life; a life where sadness, rejection or failure was only part of a nonexistent dream... the truth is we all have internal battles in different terrains, going through tough times is what humanizes our spirit, although on many occasions these challenges can take us up to the limit; so as our life begins to turn into a dark gray color...our  focus is lost, we would simply give up. We could even reach to the point of saying to ourselves: "I can't!... what is wrong with giving up?". We compare ourselves to others and then, we imagine how our life would be if we were under other circumstances... and right there it  is where we begin to condition our lives with phrases like: "if I were", "if I had"... then... "I would be happy", "my life would be perfect."  BOOM!  ... The game of conditioned happiness just started...  Depends on  ... Is it true that happiness depends on ...? On