All of us have, any time, wanted to have a perfect life; a life where sadness, rejection or failure was only part of a nonexistent dream... the truth is we all have internal battles in different terrains, going through tough times is what humanizes our spirit, although on many occasions these challenges can take us up to the limit; so as our life begins to turn into a dark gray color...our  focus is lost, we would simply give up. We could even reach to the point of saying to ourselves: "I can't!... what is wrong with giving up?". We compare ourselves to others and then, we imagine how our life would be if we were under other circumstances... and right there it  is where we begin to condition our lives with phrases like: "if I were", "if I had"... then... "I would be happy", "my life would be perfect." BOOM! ... The game of conditioned happiness just started... Depends on ...

Is it true that happiness depends on ...? One of many questions that we ask ourselves throughout our life. Moved by the desire of finding answers, we embarked on the search for the purpose of our existence. Because of our restless spirit, a little spark can trigger countless questions that, in the majority of cases, lead us to question all our inner universe. I have to confess that ... I'm not the exception! I have also been looking for answers; sometimes in books, others on the other hand; through introspection with my inner being and at other times, learning from wonderful minds. Along the way I decided to walk, I've been learning that the answer  is  ME. From my very subjective point of view - I have to  say it - I have thought that making decisions is similar to a master key in our hands. With it, we have the power to open the more fantastic and unexpected emotions.

Then, if is I who gives use to the key, this means that my happiness is subject solely to what I decide to feel. I am responsible for the meaning I give to each door open in my life. I am the one who decides that an emotion empowers or destroys someone or something. I am the final result of my life ... IT DEPENDS ON ME, on how many mental patterns I'm willing to redesign each time I use "my key."

On this trip that I will set out with you, I intend to share a vision that will help us to see the world from a perspective of growth but not trials. Together, be able to appreciate the beauty in every step we take, even when we cross the most inhospitable and rocky terrains...Yes! See how hope is emerging from a complete darkness to become a flashing light, with the power to make us grow and transcend beyond our own beliefs about happiness. In the end, it is thanks to the darkness that we can see the brightness of the star. So, come on star! ... the darkness is there for you to eclipse it!

Ángela López, Author


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