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Are you happy or successful? Or you can be both at the same time? Yiruma is one of my favorite pianists; his performances have the power of flooding my spirit with grace and beauty. What I like most of him is to see how he breaks the silence by giving life to the piano. How does he get that effect on people like me? Without a doubt, he is happy creating music. My mother has the ability to understand the complex world of her five children. In fact, she knows what the right words are and at what point they should be said to help each of them, how can she do that? Undoubtedly, she is happy to strengthen their children. Both the famous pianist and my beloved mom are happy at what they do and this leads them to obtain successful results. So then, what is success? Success is a state of mind, which is reflected by emotions such as "achievement" and "quietness." For example, when we reach something that we had set for ourselves we feel calm and satisfied by this.