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By Ángela López One of my readers asked me what my main quality is, well, I would have to mention patience. Few things get on my nerves, as I always try to imagine how difficult life can be for many of us at certain times.  By emotionally putting myself in someone else's shoes, I am able to develop a level of understanding for the frustration, temper and even envy that others deal with. In addition, being a teacher has fueled my desire to understand the different ways of learning that others have, which also applies to the multiple interpretations that each of us give to life. By this I do not mean that I am an enlightened and perfect being; on the contrary, I strive not to taste the irrational banquet that anger, sadness and frustration prepare for me on a daily basis. Streams are beautiful as long as they are just that, harmless rivulets with pebbles and flowers around them, but when it rains incessantly on them, the flood is imminent, and with it, the charm transforms into des