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Criticizing others without putting ourselves in their shoes, reflects that we do not have the courage to wear ours. Also, you cannot say "how acid the lemon is," when you have only dared to try "Sweet Honey." Coming out of your comfort zone means an act of courage because you are facing something of which you don’t have a point of reference, and the new and the different always cause fear.  However, it is the most effective method when unleashing our true potential.  Let’s take an example, within you lies that intuitive leader capable of being an apprentice and master of his own life, but if you never dare to take the first step to advance, you will be devoted to see the mud on the shoes of people who did take the risk of biting the dust. Stop being critical of others! It's time for you to empower of your true purpose in this world: writing, directing and starring in your own life. To achieve this, it is vital to increase your level of consciousness.