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"... And they lived happily forever." However, sometimes that 'forever' comes to an end in a short period of time. What to do when the person you love discovers that his/her happiness depends on leaving your side? Learning to give up is courageous, letting someone that lives in our hearts go, shows the nobility of our love. Let us remember that the unselfish love does not develop selfishness or ties, on the contrary, it is based on the mutual well-being. Accepting that that person making shine your eyes does not want to keep being part of your look anymore, is without a doubt one of the most bitter shots that you could feel. Since you have created a very strong affective bond, it is difficult to understand that life goes on despite the fact that you feel incomplete without that person. In a certain way, love him (her) was part of the habit that gave beauty to your life. Despite the pain we experience, the healthier thing for our mental and emotional peace is t