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You know what is highly contagious and causes no pain?  THE SMILE! Yes! That powerful energy that is able to cross in milliseconds from our inner universe, to our external universe. Once it touches the surface of our face, it turns into a smile. When this original curve is created, there is a positive domino effect, spreading hope both who feels it and those who watch it. Right there is where we become magicians, because without any kind of physical contact, we are able to pass our joy on to people. And we wondered if magic was real! Of course, it is! It is only a matter of being willing to do it. Ah! ... But unlike the majority of magic tricks, whose purpose is to hide the secret, the surprising thing about this is to reveal it to many people as possible. Currently, in order to improve the quality of life, it has been insisted on the importance of exercising ourselves physically and have a balanced feeding diet. Well, then,  smiling  should be included in this