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Without being a big fan of action movies, I have to admit that I felt a great affinity with a phrase said in the Fast and Furious franchise (delivery 7).  In a somewhat melancholy scene, Dominic Toretto tells Letty, "You can't tell someone they love you. ”  Apparently this sounds obvious, but, don't believe it... sometimes we stubbornly forget it! Loving is undoubtedly an emotion that can lead us to "the need", the need for our loved one to correspond to us in the same way. However, what happens when you are not reciprocated? Is it wise to surrender in love? I must emphasize that I disagree with the very popular statement "All’s fair in love and war .” I think that the word "victory" in war is stained by the death of many, so there is no prowess in it, only shame. And if we speak of love, when we cling to someone who does not want to be with us, we are directly attacking our dignity.   Love feeds on its freedom, the day we try to force i