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One of my favorite writers, Aldous Huxley said: "Indifference is a form of laziness, and laziness is one of the symptoms of disaffection. Nobody is lazy with what they love." I wonder, would it be possible that we are lazy to love ourselves? On other occasions, I have written about the importance of self-esteem, in order to strengthen self-confidence and develop an unwavering spirit that approaches us toward our purpose in life. But the truth is that having a strong self-esteem not only is a personal benefit, but also a progress contribution to the society. Let us think, if we breathe this perfect oxygen with a spirit of gratitude and also make ourselves aware of the millions of lessons to be learned, and the invaluable learning to be share with people; those who would really advance, it would be all of us. Since, if you are able to respect yourself, you will be able to respect others; if you know how much love you deserve, you will know how much love the others need fr