One of my favorite writers, Aldous Huxley said: "Indifference is a form of laziness, and laziness is one of the symptoms of disaffection. Nobody is lazy with what they love." I wonder, would it be possible that we are lazy to love ourselves? On other occasions, I have written about the importance of self-esteem, in order to strengthen self-confidence and develop an unwavering spirit that approaches us toward our purpose in life. But the truth is that having a strong self-esteem not only is a personal benefit, but also a progress contribution to the society. Let us think, if we breathe this perfect oxygen with a spirit of gratitude and also make ourselves aware of the millions of lessons to be learned, and the invaluable learning to be share with people; those who would really advance, it would be all of us. Since, if you are able to respect yourself, you will be able to respect others; if you know how much love you deserve, you will know how much love the others need from you.

In the apocalyptic film Terminator of 1984, machines take control of the planet, while human beings are reluctant to be exterminated in the hands of their own invention. I must confess that at the beginning, this script disturbed me, but after thinking about it better, I came into the conclusion that, if the human mind could invent mechanisms of annihilation, it also had the talent to create preservation resources. Then I asked myself this question here: On what we focus? On construction or destruction?

Analyzing the impact of global warming, its consequences and the urgency to take action to preserve a sustainable environment on Earth; I noticed that while glaciers melt, our heart is frozen in an ice age called heartbreak, causing serious injuries to qualities such as kindness, understanding, empathy and forgiveness. That's right! You and I dear reader, have a wonderful mind with the power of humanizing or dehumanizing ourselves. Therefore, 'Humanity' is not only a distinction of species, it is a way of life that we decide to live it or not.

Now, I know you think you're different, you don't fit and... You are perhaps not wrong, and after all, we have our own digital footprint. However, ask yourself: am I doing my feeling of "rarity" something constructive for the world? Make yourself responsible for your own "difference". Remember, the most significant contribution you can collectively make, begins when you learn how to be aware of your intelligence to love. In addition, I have great news: once the warmth of your nature is released, "mental hypothermia" starts to melt the ice crystals in your inner, to give way to a loving attitude towards yourself and the world.

Do not let the temperature of your heart drops to minus zero degrees Celsius; because, even though you may feel that you live... being exposed to this type of freezing, just solidifies huge emotional caps of hatred, indolence, envy, and discrimination. Instead, allow your heart to act as a 'continent', i.e., having the power to "keep yourself and the world together," despite the oceanic differences. Then, if you think that you're something more than "artificial intelligence"; I invite you to be... to be a human being through love. In the end, your level of evolution or involution is determined by your ability to give love or heartbreak.

Ángela López, Author.



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