Fly, run at high speeds, have indestructible body, be courageous when facing cruel villains, have enormous strength, communicate telepathically or simply to wear designers' suits; those are some of the skills we admire so much on the super heroes of fiction. However, in our real world there are also heroes everywhere.  Let's see: Hero is that young man who, despite living in a violent atmosphere, decides to take a pencil and a notebook to re write his story. Hero is the entrepreneur whose faith in himself makes him to replace the word “bankruptcy”, by the word "start." Heroin is that mother capable of destroying their children’s fears through a tender hug. Heroin is that girl determined to make of her life the warmest site of her cold home. Real heroes, as human as you or I!

Each of us keeps amazing stories of heroism, in which we have defeated enemies, some more ferocious than others. However, there are occasions where these adversaries tend to take us to the limit, to the extent that we forget the countless heroic acts we have done throughout our lives. Then, as we started to plummet, we get rid of "the cape" to put on "the glasses."

If you think you have fallen into the deepest abyss of defeat, close your eyes, do it right there on the dusty ground! Look inward... what do you see? ... is it fear?  sadness?  frustration? Probably all that and many more emotions that hurt your soul! Just look carefully. Make yourself aware of your own pain, but don't judge it. Now, take a deep breath - cry, if you need it -... When you face your deepest feelings, you disempower them to hurt you.  Perhaps, you cannot get up immediately, but I assure you that this medicine will begin to go through all your being to heal you. 

Take control of how you will feel despite the wounds... now open your eyes and clean your glasses... put them on again, use them for what they were created; i.e. to increase your vision... see another perspective of how the sky looks from below, because the personal victory does not mean to be flying heaven forever, rather, it is like learning the lessons that gravity has for us. Among them, understanding that what we call "falls" actually means "opportunities." Unmatched opportunities to recognize and appreciate your inner courage. Sometimes, being the hero means simply use the key that we have in our hands, in order to open the door with golden letters say "Humanity." That's right! That wonderful quality that identifies us as individuals and unites us as siblings!

Remember: You do not stop being the hero you are, just because you change your costume, you are simply in another facet of heroism, i.e. "your human essence." Or is it that Superman loses his powers when he is Clark Kent? You are not your circumstances, you are the one you decide to be, despite your circumstances. Do not label yourself due to how you look outside... You can fly with your glasses, or you can touch the ground with your cape. Regardless of your appearance, you are still your own hero, whose main super power is the humanity of his heart. 

Ángela López, Author

Spanish Translation


  1. "We forget the countless heroic acts we have done throughout our lives." So true... so often we hang onto the stuff we remember 'failing' at and tend to forget the countless times we succeeded or did well. Painful times are unforgettable primarily because they're unhealed I think - they get suppressed - whereas the good times just sort of pass by in stride. Thanks for the reminder to keep things in perspective.

  2. Thank you so much Patrick! I really appreciate your words my friend!!!


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