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By Ángela López After months of absence from my blog, I'm finally here.  During all this time I have been struggling to regain my health, having enough time to reflect on something called Freedom. How free I was before, and how imprisoned I feel now! Although I am a quiet and introverted woman, the truth is that I am very dynamic with my tasks; such as physical exercise, writing, editing and drawing.  However, due to the mind-body contradiction, it was impossible for me to do everything I have always been passionate about doing. My mind said that this condition would not represent something difficult to overcome, but my body was sending me another message: "you are in a lot of pain." So, seeing that my positive thinking was not enough for my body to regain its strength, I had a conversation with myself. I accepted the fact that I was sick, then I asked myself: will I be able to recover? In those days, Deepak Chopra's book Unconditional Life