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Life is like a roller coaster; Sometimes we are ascending, and other times, we are descending. But without a doubt, these rises and descents are what make life an event full of rhythm and emotion. For this reason, our mission is to prevent "that spark" from becoming shy because of the frustration when we are in the low peaks or dominated by pride when we are in the high peaks. I.e., we must keep the flame intact when we have the world above our heads and when we have it under our feet. Now, how to do this? Let's consider our hobbies. Mine; for example, are to read, to run, and to draw. When I think about the reason why I enjoy them so much; I smile, I widely open my eyes and sigh a little; because thanks to them I can learn, improve my fitness and develop my artistic side. Now it's your turn, think of your three favorite pastimes. Then make you aware of how your body and facial expression change to only think about the reason why you like them so much. These