Life is like a roller coaster; Sometimes we are ascending, and other times, we are descending. But without a doubt, these rises and descents are what make life an event full of rhythm and emotion. For this reason, our mission is to prevent "that spark" from becoming shy because of the frustration when we are in the low peaks or dominated by pride when we are in the high peaks. I.e., we must keep the flame intact when we have the world above our heads and when we have it under our feet. Now, how to do this? Let's consider our hobbies. Mine; for example, are to read, to run, and to draw. When I think about the reason why I enjoy them so much; I smile, I widely open my eyes and sigh a little; because thanks to them I can learn, improve my fitness and develop my artistic side. Now it's your turn, think of your three favorite pastimes. Then make you aware of how your body and facial expression change to only think about the reason why you like them so much.

These activities are linked with the joy, entertainment and break the monotony. Hence, we associate too much pleasure with them. But, what happens, then with the other things that we carry out daily such as work, study, exercise, and eat healthy? They are probably associated with the routine and the must. So, how to teach our mind to enjoy more our everyday activities? First thing is to love what you do then season it with the "pepper of passion." I.e. focus on the extra satisfaction and benefits that the fulfillment of the things you must do will give you. Ask yourself, besides receiving money, what other benefits will you get for working? Perhaps, do I feel useful to society? or, do I see myself as an example of self-improvement and progress for both my colleagues and my family? Maybe it is because... do I feel happy to be in this new position that is challenging myself?  Look for the reason why you’re important in what you do and what benefits you get from that.

If you've not fallen in love with your duties yet, I think that now it is time to become a responsible person for your actions. Take the bow of love and aim with the arrow on passion towards the target of success. Provided that you understand that, being successful does not mean to necessarily be the wealthiest, the most famous or the most intelligent person. Success is totally yours because it is simply the way in which you live your happiness. Don't be afraid of the word "commitments"; on the contrary, fall in love with them so that you are thus able to constantly improve spiritual, financial, intellectual, emotional and physical areas, among others. Also, for inspiration not to extinguish by the varying stages of life, focus on stoking the flame of the benefits resulting from the execution. A good way to do so is by changing metaphors. Thus: transform the meditation in your spiritual walk. Turn your job in an amusement park where growing financially is very exciting. Dive into the ocean of imagination books offer you. Draw and color a balanced physical and emotional state. It's time to imagine more!

Like water reflects what it sees, your attitude reflects how much love there is in what you do. In fact, smile whenever you feel butterflies in your stomach, when seeing that you have one more opportunity to enjoy by multiplying your blessings. Demystify the obsolete concept that only in the free time fun appears. The truth is that being currently printing love and passion to our project of life from Monday to Monday, produces great joy. 

Ángela López, Author.

Spanish Translation


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