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"To conquer the stars means to conquer your inner self." The first step to recognize the unlimited potential in others, is to start by your own; Since when you have experience, you acquire the faculty of appreciation. Travel to the center of your universe, allows you to assess your existence, correct your mistakes and learn how to leverage your internal resources. In addition, doing so turns you into a model of life. To tell the truth, the only way to positively influence and manage effective change in people, is becoming a living proof of that  it can be.  Remember that only someone who knows the power of the application, has the authority to tell you successfully how self-empowering transforms habits into the raw material for skills. For example; in (American) football, only those who have crossed the end zone, can describe you with detail the sensation produced by a touchdown. In swimming, you cannot teach " Butterfly Stroke"  if you have not mastered th