"To conquer the stars means to conquer your inner self." The first step to recognize the unlimited potential in others, is to start by your own; Since when you have experience, you acquire the faculty of appreciation. Travel to the center of your universe, allows you to assess your existence, correct your mistakes and learn how to leverage your internal resources. In addition, doing so turns you into a model of life. To tell the truth, the only way to positively influence and manage effective change in people, is becoming a living proof of that it can be. Remember that only someone who knows the power of the application, has the authority to tell you successfully how self-empowering transforms habits into the raw material for skills.

For example; in (American) football, only those who have crossed the end zone, can describe you with detail the sensation produced by a touchdown. In swimming, you cannot teach "Butterfly Stroke" if you have not mastered the arm and leg synchronization technique before. Likewise, you cannot lead a team if you have not previously learned to lead yourself. How could you describe the taste of triumph, if you still don't know what biting the dust is? How worthy would it be to speak of resilience, if you live drowning in the sea of uncertainty and chaos? It is your example what gives unquestionable credibility to your beautiful words.

In addition, your leadership strategies should become a source of inspiration to make people take control of their own intellectual, emotional and spiritual qualities. And how to develop skills? When we transform habits into processes that are repeated and updated, we create skills focused on a common purpose. We could sum it up in this simple equation: process + repetition + update = skill. Let's see how it works from my own experience, of course. I started by writing small sentences every day, after repeating this action several times, I added an Update: writing a complete article. This in turn led me to start the wonderful adventure of a blog. And this is how I'm learning the skill of writing. You can also achieve tangible results if you decide to take the habits out of the cocoon in order to take their flight in the area that you choose. Remember that as you go up the ladder, it is important to enjoy the process of each step!

But how to do things when there is no enthusiasm? Keep in mind that the brain doesn’t get wishes by itself, you are the one who must influence it to move to the action. Let’s do an exercise; take a deep breath and visualize yourself living your reached objective. Now answer yourself this question: How would my life change if I made my dreams come true? It is your decision to continue living in a world of imaginary sighs or in a world of real-life situations.
For this reason, if you are tired of not knowing how to lead your team, it is time to start to lead yourself, in order to learn to unlearn those disabling habits that prevent you from communicating effectively with others and with yourself. From then on, you will recognize the importance of having the members of your team participate in the design of plans, and as a result, they trust you to engage themselves in the implementation of the projects.

Ángela López, Author.

Spanish Translation


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