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By Ángela López Do you have any words that you find pretty, inspiring or comforting? In my case, I would say "ineffable. "   I love it because of the warmth of its sound when pronounced, and, because its meaning cannot be easily explained due to its characteristics of singular excellence. For example: "the expression of love on her face was ineffable, and it was all due to her close relationship with herself".   A few days ago, while writing one of the stories for my book, I came across a term that caught my attention: " Achromatopsia ".   Basically, it is an ocular pathology in which one can only see in black and white. And, although it is considered a rare disease, I couldn't help but think that, when it comes to emotional vision , it is quite normal to suffer from it. In a world fragmented by divisions, we tend to ignore the beautiful kaleidoscope that is our heart.   Desperately, we look for any reason to create boundaries and classifications betw