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By Ángela López It is no secret that Alexander III of Macedon, called the Great, is one of the most renowned conquerors in our history. For twelve years he was leading military campaigns and conquests.  Probably, this powerful man also came to feel desolate in the midst of so much land; Nevertheless, his hunger to dominate, coupled with his fervent desire to find the exact place where the Earth ended, prevented this man from adding the word "surrender" to his lexicon. And that's how we humans are; beings who need to feel the thrill of achievement, that we have discovered something or mastered something. Of course, the goal always differs depending on our values. For example; some men dedicate their efforts to be the best father, some women focus on declaring their independence over the macho culture, and others might invest their whole life in search of their soul mate. And what do you invest your energy in? However, to reach that which marks our North, the topography o