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If when we were learning to walk, we had remained on the floor for fear to fall back, we would have never learned how to give a step after another. The fear was not part of us back then, as our desire to discover the world was more intense than the hits of the falls.  However, over the years, instead of becoming more courageous by each reached challenge, we started to design "our own mental paralysis."  Moved like puppets by those negative representations of our self-image, we had forgotten how to keep the balance in our actions.  In such a way that, even if our bodies have learned how to walk, our minds still don't know how to direct progressively. Think, what do X-man Wolverine and us have in common? This comics-book mutant is made of a hard metal called "adamantium" which allows him to self-regenerate, just like that, regardless of the seriousness of his injuries due to his confrontations; he has the ability to fully recover. We, on the other hand