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You will not come out of the bottom of the cliff unless you believe in yourself and you will not stay at the top of the mountain unless you control your ego. Remember, on the road to success you need to be big, but you must also be small; big for overcoming your fears, small to not be tempted by the glory. In the 2019 Australia Open, multi-champion Roger Federer who not only has countless titles, but who is also recognized as one of the living legends of world tennis, had no qualms to abide by an order that prevented him from entering in the locker rooms, since he did not carry his accreditation at that time. So, Federer waited patiently for a few minutes until his entry pass was brought. Why didn’t this champion presume his fame and made some kind of scandal with the security guard? Because the real successful people know that each individual carries out an immense valuable work, regardless of their social status. Underestimating your qualities imprisons your greatness, an