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By Ángela López Singing is one of the skills I have most admired. Listening to Luciano Pavarotti, Freddie Mercury or Pedro Infante, is like touching a little piece of heaven in the stormiest moments.   Without being a proper Whitney Houston, I must confess that my off-tune sounds glorious in the shower.   Fortunately, there are other talents and different intelligences (Howard Gardner - Multiple Intelligences).   So, I started researching how I could improve both "spatial-visual" and "linguistic-verbal" intelligence.   However, despite my advances, the comparison exploded like an erupting volcano. Repeatedly, I confronted my work with that of others.   Generally, I used to feel that theirs was far superior to mine, and that my efforts were in vain, as I would never produce anything with characteristics of excellence. In a way, I was showing glimpses of a rather limiting and unpleasant feeling: envy . It should be noted that, envy or that feeling of sadness becau