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One of my favorite characters is Rocky Balboa, played by the great Sylvester Stallone. Rocky, a boxer who made mistakes, and that’s why he learned how to forge an invincible spirit.   In other words, he stood up all the times he needed in order to reach his goals. Rocky knew that his real opponent in the ring was not before him, but within him. The strength of this champion was not measured by the size of his muscles, but by the nobility of his soul to forgive himself for his continuous falls both inside and outside the ring. Regardless of his failures, he would work to improve and try again and again, hence his real strength came from the "inside." Now, how can internal force be measured? Like the really important things, this cannot be quantified, but it can be measured in concrete facts. It is of tough people, for instance, to learn to forgive; so, when you say... "I have forgiven,"... do these words come out of your mouth only or they also come out of yo


When I was seven years old, I made my first kite, a very fun experience. But the really exciting thing was learning how to fly it. It was an arduous task, as what appeared to be literally "a child's play” ... in reality, for me, it became "a child’s challenge.” After an afternoon of numerous failed attempts, I finally got it... it was a feeling of triumph and wonder, on the one hand, I felt proud of not giving up and on the other hand, it seemed incredible to me that something built with fragile materials was not destroyed by the powerful wind. Eventually I was discovering that, like this kite, great results can be obtained when we know how to use every circumstance as a source of leverage. We have control on ourselves, but we don't have it on that which is not part of us. Everything what is "out," plays a special role, that is why your true talent lies in forming strategic alliances and not useless wars. Freedom! An ideal by which countless fights h