One of my favorite characters is Rocky Balboa, played by the great Sylvester Stallone. Rocky, a boxer who made mistakes, and that’s why he learned how to forge an invincible spirit.  In other words, he stood up all the times he needed in order to reach his goals. Rocky knew that his real opponent in the ring was not before him, but within him. The strength of this champion was not measured by the size of his muscles, but by the nobility of his soul to forgive himself for his continuous falls both inside and outside the ring. Regardless of his failures, he would work to improve and try again and again, hence his real strength came from the "inside." Now, how can internal force be measured? Like the really important things, this cannot be quantified, but it can be measured in concrete facts. It is of tough people, for instance, to learn to forgive; so, when you say... "I have forgiven,"... do these words come out of your mouth only or they also come out of your heart?  Do not pretend to deceive yourself, because sooner or later the truth will look for the correct path to the surface.
Why is it so difficult to forgive? Simply, because we cannot give what we don't have. All the good things we are able to give is because first we have internalized it with ourselves. Let's think about this; If there are still events that you remember with pain, it is because you haven't even taken the trouble to forgive yourself. To do this, you require great emotional courage, since face to what causes you so much grief is for braves, not for cowards. Play the "amnesia" and get the blind eye do not deceive anyone, only anaesthetize your pain for a short period of time. In the long run, its effect ends and our pain appears again, this time with greater intensity. In addition, remember that the one who does not recognize his faults is doomed to turn his life in a vicious circle. Thus, do not make up your mistakes; they are there for you to expose them, to face them, to forgive them, and to correct them. If you want to mold a loving heart, it is necessary to let the component of forgiveness flow into the bloodstream.

When you develop the skill of self-comprehension your intrapersonal relationship, makes your social intelligence be more acute to encourage successful interpersonal relations. Keep in mind that it is not about evading responsibilities, on the contrary, it is about accepting them so that you reduce the repetitive action of the same error. In a case that it is very sad to face your mistakes, you can cry while you do it. Take your time and let your tears out... it's your time to heal, there is no rush. It is better that the pain floods your face briefly and not your soul forever. When you feel calmer; lift your eyes to the sky, take a deep breath, and then write the lessons that you have learned about "your fall". Then, write how this experience can enhance your life emotionally and spiritually. Finally, end with a loudly thank you! 

"The best advice you can give is that one you have known how to apply for yourself," is a quote that motivates me to tell you that if you have the temple to carry out my previous advice... This will teach you that you are not a loser, but rather, a champion able to stand up in the ring once more, in order to fight in the next round. If your wounds are deep, it is the time to clean them up in the rain of self forgiveness. Revitalize your genetic predisposition for love through a comprehensive heart and strengthen the mental heal of your wounds through inner peace.

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