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By Ángela López I remember how books and I fell in love in that humble library; I, longing to feel that immortal beauty between my hands; they, waiting to be undressed by my dreamy eyes. That time when my candorous imagination was seduced by the irresistible letters, and so, from "A" to "Z", reading intoxicated me eternally with its sweet love. Yes!... How not to hypnotize me listening to the great Dostoyevsky philosophizing about society and its behavior? Or how to prevent Horace from tattooing his Carpe Diem on my heart? Not to mention Neruda, have I ever seen anyone else write the saddest verses that night? Although the one who always accompanied me in my stormy thoughts was sweet Jane Austen, who else but her could teach me to vanish pride and prejudice through love? captivating the letters are, either to read them or to caress their forms! However, time forgot the old literary meeting table, and brought with it a device small enough to fit in my insep