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Fly, run at high speeds, have indestructible body, be courageous when facing cruel villains, have enormous strength, communicate telepathically or simply to wear designers' suits; those are some of the skills we admire so much on the super heroes of fiction. However, in our real world there are also heroes everywhere.  Let's see: Hero is that young man who, despite living in a violent atmosphere, decides to take a pencil and a notebook to re write his story. Hero is the entrepreneur whose faith in himself makes him to replace the word “ bankruptcy”, by the word " start."  Heroin is that mother capable of destroying their children’s fears through a tender hug. Heroin is that girl determined to make of her life the warmest site of her cold home. Real heroes, as human as you or I! Each of us keeps amazing stories of heroism, in which we have defeated enemies, some more ferocious than others. However, there are occasions where these adversaries tend to take us t


I have admired the fascinating trees since I was a child, and I think that we keep certain similarities with them.  Think about it, our thoughts and beliefs act as "roots" that feed our "trunk" , which is composed of our heart and mind. When we have a powerful inner core, the impetuous adversity “ wind" , becomes a great opportunity to learn how to mold our character and determination.  In other words, “the storm” teaches us how to make way for the transformation despite the fear.  Now, how to feed those beliefs and thoughts in a healthy way? "The water" that nourishes our inner self is self-love.  Having the courage to discover and appreciate this unlimited potential that resides within us is, no doubt about it, an expression of love.  Love myself?... But, I'm not so smart... I'm short... my toes are ugly... my hair is curly... ahhh and, in addition, my glasses make me look bored... In brief, I could list you many things that make