I have admired the fascinating trees since I was a child, and I think that we keep certain similarities with them.  Think about it, our thoughts and beliefs act as "roots" that feed our "trunk", which is composed of our heart and mind. When we have a powerful inner core, the impetuous adversity “wind", becomes a great opportunity to learn how to mold our character and determination.  In other words, “the storm” teaches us how to make way for the transformation despite the fear.  Now, how to feed those beliefs and thoughts in a healthy way?

"The water" that nourishes our inner self is self-love.  Having the courage to discover and appreciate this unlimited potential that resides within us is, no doubt about it, an expression of love.  Love myself?... But, I'm not so smart... I'm short... my toes are ugly... my hair is curly... ahhh and, in addition, my glasses make me look bored... In brief, I could list you many things that make me feel a bit disappointed of myself.

And what if you... better change those patterns of thought with others more positive? For example, I could tell you this: It is not that you're not smart, it's just that yet have you not discovered in what area you are a Da Vinci, a Michael Phelps or a Steve Jobs... think it over! If you are short, you will spend less food for yourself... You have all your toes; thanks to them you can give one step at a time! ... Curly hair? You are easy to spot in the crowd... and do you wear glasses? Super! You have certain intellectual air.  So, stop! Don't look for excuses that support your incapacitating beliefs.  If you have talent to see details like these; then, use it to build yourself, not to destroy yourself.

You are worthy of your own love; this is the main belief that you must feed.  Set a positive self-image of yourself, filtering constructive thoughts on the characteristics that make you unquestionably unique, in this way, you will create and reinforce the strong belief about the why you are worthy of yourself.  And when you are able to recognize the greatness that resides in you, you can identify it easily in others. Thus, you will develop the ability to remove harmful deterioration with which you look at your inner, to transform your soul into a source of "oxygen", not only for yourself, but for humanity. Remember that, regardless of your level of education, language, physical appearance, socio-economic status, colour of skin, religion, abilities or even if you come from another planet; you have a first mission here and now, to love yourself.

Remove the chains, make up your mind to use your key and open the door that prevents you from appreciating the being you really are, then dare to love yourself with no excuses.  The piece that you are desperately looking for to complete your puzzle, is just into the inner part of your being; If you do not believe me, take your mirror and watch carefully. Yes! Forgive yourself through an unselfish love towards your "Inside". This is the invitation: break your own imaginary limits through something as real as the love which lives in you!

Ángela López, Author.

Spanish Translation


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