When I was seven years old, I made my first kite, a very fun experience. But the really exciting thing was learning how to fly it. It was an arduous task, as what appeared to be literally "a child's play” ... in reality, for me, it became "a child’s challenge.” After an afternoon of numerous failed attempts, I finally got it... it was a feeling of triumph and wonder, on the one hand, I felt proud of not giving up and on the other hand, it seemed incredible to me that something built with fragile materials was not destroyed by the powerful wind. Eventually I was discovering that, like this kite, great results can be obtained when we know how to use every circumstance as a source of leverage. We have control on ourselves, but we don't have it on that which is not part of us. Everything what is "out," plays a special role, that is why your true talent lies in forming strategic alliances and not useless wars.

Freedom! An ideal by which countless fights have been sparked, a great crusade that human being undertook since its inception, to such an extent to be willing to give their precious life in it. However, sometimes we forget that, we are who, motivated by our fear, freeze, and we unconsciously become prisoners of our own mental interpretations... of being "the tyrannical master" which is self sabotaged by the will of his ego; we turn to be "the victimized slave" who takes refuge after their own shame. In both cases there’s no progress, on the contrary, we only add one beam more in the construction of our prison. Therefore, how about if instead of using the whip to dominate, you use it to rescue yourself from the quicksand of egocentricity? And what if you risk just to give a few steps despite your shackles?... It could be hopeful to realize that this "I cannot" is only a mirage, and that "yes I can" is the real oasis.

It is said that "appearances are deceiving"... that's interesting! Because, although "the mental cage" is made of solid gold, this was put before you to buy your freedom; not to give it to you. So, don't let your attachment to the 'no-action' to seduce you with their charms in the short term. Apparently, you are safe and not run any kind of danger. The truth is that you have to think twice before selling your personal growth. Bear this in mind: Freedom is not to go into the world excessively doing what we like, on the contrary, it is to decide to do what we know we must, in other words, is to live a purposeful life, for the sake of making a humanity more engaged with life itself. Thus, make the decision to emotionally delink yourself from your fear to lose "your golden dungeon," you do not deceive yourself, no matter the ostentatious in appearance... remember that "you're still enclosed within four walls."

Finally, if you want to experience the values of contribution and achievement, it is necessary to adopt the belief that "without action there is no character and without character there is no excellence.” 
In the same way that the kite rises thanks to the force of the wind; your inner power will flow once you allow the difficulties to fulfill its true purpose, which is to give height to your flight. Trust in yourself! The fear of flying is no longer real, when you decide to spread your wings. Then, why would you encapsulate your inner beauty, when the world needs it?


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