By Ángela López

After months of absence from my blog, I'm finally here.  During all this time I have been struggling to regain my health, having enough time to reflect on something called Freedom. How free I was before, and how imprisoned I feel now! Although I am a quiet and introverted woman, the truth is that I am very dynamic with my tasks; such as physical exercise, writing, editing and drawing.  However, due to the mind-body contradiction, it was impossible for me to do everything I have always been passionate about doing. My mind said that this condition would not represent something difficult to overcome, but my body was sending me another message: "you are in a lot of pain." So, seeing that my positive thinking was not enough for my body to regain its strength, I had a conversation with myself. I accepted the fact that I was sick, then I asked myself: will I be able to recover?

In those days, Deepak Chopra's book Unconditional Life crossed my mind.  There, this great master mentions that instead of judging the disease, I should observe it. Well, I have always tried to apply this to "negative" emotions, but it was time to try it with this physical affliction that was directly affecting my emotional state. Observing without falling into despair has been the most difficult lesson to understand. However, as they say, the hardest things are the ones that are truly worthwhile. 

Our so precious Freedom has caused great armies to clash, nations to fight for their independence, revolutions to begin a relentless struggle, individuals to claim their right to be themselves on equal terms.  In that quest to be free, we have become more enslaved than ever. Slaves to technology, to appearances, to opinions, to our minds, and to a strange phenomenon I have noticed...slaves to proving how smart we are to virtual strangers. 


When the last human of the Ancient Lands conquered the imposing mountain Zarathustra, the god of Wind presented him with a beautiful handkerchief with the word "ego" embroidered in black letters.  Before descending, the god warned him: "You are free to make your actions change the legend of the handkerchief". Then the man who wanted to be the master of the world, preferred to keep that insignificant rag inside an old chest, while he quenched his thirst for power.  The years went by and with them, the strength to continue conquering the unimaginable.  One day, already on his deathbed, and owner of the New Lands, the dying old man decided to open his old chest, because he thought that his powerful actions had changed the inscription on the rag. Great was his surprise when inside the word "ego" glowed like a pirate's treasure.

Beloved Liberty, although millions of people have given their lives to reach you, the truth is that you are still slipping through our fingers like water through our hands. It is true that we are free to choose to give free rein to the fiercest of egos, sweeping away the beauty of altruism. However, we are also free to give free rein to the noblest of spirits, sweeping away the stench of selfishness. You could freely lend your handkerchief to dry the tears of humanity, or you could simply keep it so that the tears continue to fall like an eternal deluge. Remember, you have free will in your hands, so keep in mind the countless variants, and do not be enslaved by the choices of the majority.  
No matter what you decide to do, let me give you a piece of advice even though you didn't ask for it: "don't wait for hours to turn into seconds and seconds into dust."   


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