"... And they lived happily forever." However, sometimes that 'forever' comes to an end in a short period of time. What to do when the person you love discovers that his/her happiness depends on leaving your side? Learning to give up is courageous, letting someone that lives in our hearts go, shows the nobility of our love. Let us remember that the unselfish love does not develop selfishness or ties, on the contrary, it is based on the mutual well-being. Accepting that that person making shine your eyes does not want to keep being part of your look anymore, is without a doubt one of the most bitter shots that you could feel. Since you have created a very strong affective bond, it is difficult to understand that life goes on despite the fact that you feel incomplete without that person. In a certain way, love him (her) was part of the habit that gave beauty to your life.

Despite the pain we experience, the healthier thing for our mental and emotional peace is to learn to release. We must not cling to people whose welfare is to get away from us. It is true that we hold their hands to love them and support them, but when they do not feel the desire to keep holding them; it is time to let them go. Now, this is not to say that whenever you have a conflict with your partner you should hurry up to separate, do not, in fact, in many cases resorting to effective communication, will help you to resolve conflicts and make your relationship to gain strength and maturity. I mean, when your partner has made his/her decision to definitely leave you, as his/her happiness depends on it. Once the bond of love is broken, you must not fall into the trap of "complacency," which means to do what the other person wants out of the fear to lose him/her. Falling into that self-destructive trap, means to renounce to yourself and sooner or later you'll realize that no matter how much you do, it will never be enough to get you back to love. Keep in mind that love is based on giving and receiving. In addition, you cannot renounce to stop being you fearing to lose... in a healthy relationship... both are those who you are and both love each other for this reason.

Fairy tales are wonderful, Yes! But only on paper, then bring them to life on the physical plain, brings frustration and disappointment when we realize that fantasy overcomes reality. Don't forget that we are not perfect Princes or Princesses, in fact, we are human beings, full of virtues and aspects to improve. Then do not let your high expectations play a bad game for you, believe me... you could end up really hurt. Do not confuse your life with a tale of fantasy. I know you had dreams with him or her, but be aware that they were just that... dreams. It is time to wake up and live!

When you love, you are willing to give it and lose it all too. That is the risk you run and the risk you must accept. If you are not loved any more... accept it, forgive him/her and let him/her go. Do not attach to what no longer exists and do not become infatuated with your illusions, rather, focus on all the beautiful things that you discovered by his/her side. Even if you are sad, be grateful for all the time that he/she was next to you teaching you his/her world. Also, think that people do not belong to us, they are there to share with us, but in some cases, they will decide to go because they need to discover other things in their lives. If you really love, you will be willing to let go and let the other person fly in the sky that he or she decides. True love does not stop your flight, on the contrary, it opens up the wings. It will not be easy to say goodbye, but acts of love will always overcome selfishness. 


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  1. Letting go and saying goodbye is easy and does not prove validity of "real love" when feelings are challenged. We are all facing battles unknown to others and to some, those battles may be life threatening. Thanks for sharing this post. You are a great writer Angela. Fight for what you love. Consistency, perserverance, persistence. Question: did party or parties try hard enough? Saying you "love" is not the same as acting as root in someone's life. Leaves are people who come and go. Challenges blow them away. But roots... they stay, seek no glory, store up the tools you need to assist when you need, find purpose in your development and when you go through a storm, they ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS hold you up! T.A.A.


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