Criticizing others without putting ourselves in their shoes, reflects that we do not have the courage to wear ours. Also, you cannot say "how acid the lemon is," when you have only dared to try "Sweet Honey." Coming out of your comfort zone means an act of courage because you are facing something of which you don’t have a point of reference, and the new and the different always cause fear.  However, it is the most effective method when unleashing our true potential.  Let’s take an example, within you lies that intuitive leader capable of being an apprentice and master of his own life, but if you never dare to take the first step to advance, you will be devoted to see the mud on the shoes of people who did take the risk of biting the dust. Stop being critical of others! It's time for you to empower of your true purpose in this world: writing, directing and starring in your own life.

To achieve this, it is vital to increase your level of consciousness.  Let’s do the following exercise: think of those seven strengths that make you proudly say... "Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce myself: I am..." Then write them and give a color to each one of them. In this way, when your life seems to be embroiled in a storm, you will remember that you can give a twist to the adversity by your rainbow of qualities. In addition, it is also essential to recognize your weaknesses and train yourself to overcome yourself. I.e., if you want to be a positive influence in the world, the first thing is to lead from the inside. The importance of doing so is that, by creating a team with your inner self, you will learn to make that "Your mental Orchestra" play in harmony, you will have to decide to be its director. That's right! The natural order of the leadership is "being to making."

The great treasures used to be hidden in unimaginable and inaccessible places. So, who had the audacity to look for them would need at least a map and a boat in good condition. In your case, the boat represents your thoughts and the map symbolizes what you should dare to cross, in order to obtain the treasure that is your inner being. To begin, you must build your ship with the iron of an honest vision and attach it with the welding of a mission of self-leadership. So, the ferocity of the oceans will not become your wreck, but, rather, on your compass. Remember that while you're in your role of constructor, it is essential to develop the wonderful quality of resilience, because you will need it in large quantities when mistaking on the coupling of parts. Once you are done your building, you will be taken to be the captain. In this new position, send a clear and strong message to your mind, namely: "You gain nothing having the most powerful ship, if you keep it rusting in the harbour." Certainly, worth risking to navigate, because your self-discovery will give you the key to control, improve and change your mental strategies.

Indeed, to transform yourself in the example of that human being that you would like to model, you must venture out to explore and get to know your essence. The positive attitude and constant actions you take on your own life, begin to emit so magnetic waves that become the lighthouse of many people. So, get to work! Allow your greatness to sail the seven seas towards your own conquest.  Be the best version of you every day and make your facts are your most powerful radar.

Ángela López, Author.

Spanish Translation


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