By Ángela López

One of my readers asked me what my main quality is, well, I would have to mention patience. Few things get on my nerves, as I always try to imagine how difficult life can be for many of us at certain times.  By emotionally putting myself in someone else's shoes, I am able to develop a level of understanding for the frustration, temper and even envy that others deal with. In addition, being a teacher has fueled my desire to understand the different ways of learning that others have, which also applies to the multiple interpretations that each of us give to life. By this I do not mean that I am an enlightened and perfect being; on the contrary, I strive not to taste the irrational banquet that anger, sadness and frustration prepare for me on a daily basis.

Streams are beautiful as long as they are just that, harmless rivulets with pebbles and flowers around them, but when it rains incessantly on them, the flood is imminent, and with it, the charm transforms into destruction.  Similarly, our precious mind becomes the most dangerous place for ourselves, if we constantly flood it with thoughts of complaint, self-pity and resentment.

For example, what are the things that bother you the most? Is it the endless traffic that is preventing you from being on time for your job presentation? Or is it the employee who is stuck in the endless traffic while you have been waiting 15 minutes for him to make the job presentation that bothers you? That's life, a complete paradox. We live wrapped in the feeling of anger, and the worst thing is that there is always a seemingly valid excuse to feel it.  However, if we were to put ourselves for a moment in the other person's shoes...I don't know, at least for a day, maybe we would discover that in reality everyone is trying to do the best they can, just like you.  We might notice that the world is simply bound by the same rope that binds you, anger held by countless excuses.

Of course, it's not a matter of not feeling annoyance or anger on occasion. But it is one thing to be aware that humanly we are made of emotions, some of which must be scattered like seeds everywhere, and there are others that are there to teach us what self-control means.  In my teens, I remember it was quite common to hear that making a bad face would age you quickly, while smiling would help you keep your youth longer.  Myth or not, I longed to stay young forever, so when I felt like I was frowning, I would immediately try to smile.  Today, I strive not to be a slave to anger, not because being happy is my source of eternal youth, but because I try not to let myself be carried away by the pernicious attitude of others, since I have no control over someone else's behavior; and when it comes to my mistakes, I limit myself to observe and correct them, but I never chew them like gum, because that would mean locking myself in a circle with no way out. 

Every human being, without exception, we are titans and titanides; that is, a powerful race with the gift of destroying or creating. I do not deny it, the easy way is to ruin everything, starting with yourself and ending with those around you. The hard way is to form a valuable image of yourself all the way to those around you. However, of the two paths, the first one will make you taste bitterness sooner or later; while the second one will flood you with love sooner or later. It is your choice, it is my choice; but in the end, what we do will echo in humanity.


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