Are you happy or successful? Or you can be both at the same time? Yiruma is one of my favorite pianists; his performances have the power of flooding my spirit with grace and beauty. What I like most of him is to see how he breaks the silence by giving life to the piano. How does he get that effect on people like me? Without a doubt, he is happy creating music. My mother has the ability to understand the complex world of her five children. In fact, she knows what the right words are and at what point they should be said to help each of them, how can she do that? Undoubtedly, she is happy to strengthen their children. Both the famous pianist and my beloved mom are happy at what they do and this leads them to obtain successful results. So then, what is success?

Success is a state of mind, which is reflected by emotions such as "achievement" and "quietness." For example, when we reach something that we had set for ourselves we feel calm and satisfied by this. This in turn allows us to feel happy. However, it is important to remember that, if we want to experience happiness in the long run, this must be connected to a firm purpose that will take us to commit ourselves. In this way, we create an unshakable strength to overcome obstacles. Let's look at those marriages whose bond remains intact despite the years... If you ask them what their secret is, you will hear replies such as "understanding," "love," "respect" or "forgiveness." However, the same factor that motivated them to cope with adversity over time can be noticed.  In fact, is "that reason why they decided to get married” what has allowed them to remember the commitment they made at the altar. So, when the objective is underpinned by a solid "why," the commitment will knock at your door.

You don't have to separate the success of happiness, because both are feedback due to the purpose that binds them. For that reason, it could be argued that every person has a success story that is worth being heard. It may be that farmer whose humble desire to cultivate food makes him happily get up at 4:00 AM. It may be that doctor who spends 24 hours of his time in emergency room because he feels happy to live in harmony with his vocation. Or it may be that passionate actor who gets on the skin of his character to give life to his interpretation. On the other hand, it is you; Yes!... you also have a happy history of success to be told. Don't underestimate your life, there is much to learn from it... believe me! Start to appreciate it, so that you can improve it.

Just as you don't have to choose between the Sun or the Moon, you don’t have to choose between success and happiness… you can have them both if you so decide it. Once you define your mission and you commit to it, you will begin to improve skills that will help you to quickly change your emotional landscape. In addition, you can modify or be released from your limiting rules. And finally, you will develop patience in the processes. This is how you get stronger to demonstrate with facts that the road to success was already made for you since before you were born. Definitely surrender does not fit into your greatness, definitely success combines very well with your happiness.


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