Are you looking for answers? Then, don't be afraid to ask"... is what I've said to myself for years.  And it was also the message I conveyed to my dear students; for many of them were ashamed to ask, either because they considered their questions silly or because they believed they lacked learning skills.  However, when we were children this did not happen to us, as we asked the same question over and over again: "Why?” So, our mentors, parents and teachers struggled to respond appropriately and patiently to that question.  Curiosity has always been part of our DNA, in fact, it is thanks to the search for answers that human beings have been able to give life to great inventions, as well as transform the impossible into the possible through Science and Technology.

Despite this, we sometimes naively give certain statements as irrefutable without first having verified their origin, authenticity and implications. For example, when you feel hopeless, have you asked yourself how often you have that feeling? Have you questioned how real the reasons are that make you feel this way? Have you asked yourself how to get out of it, or, on the contrary, do you prefer to let yourself go with the current of sadness until it touches the depth of the pain? "Believing that your feelings of dejection, failure, and heartbreak will be with you for the rest of your life is one of the most important beliefs you should challenge. What makes you think you don't have a single reason to keep trying? Is it fear of being hurt again? Do you think you are not smart enough compared to others? Or do you think that fate has already written a life of suffering for you? Dare to interrupt your moods! Go to what you are most afraid to face: the source of your beliefs If you think you are winning the fight against fear by dodging its blows... you are are just resigning your spirit to the canvas without starting the first round. Do not deceive yourself, nor look for the easy way, for to navigate the oceans of wisdom, you must first face the river Acheron. Also, do not forget: "the secret of the Katana consists in its capacity to embrace the intense processes of forging and tempering.” 

Therefore, if you want to be emotionally strong, you must first train your mind. To do this, one of the best exercises is to confront your incorrect beliefs about yourself, your experiences and the world.  For example, if you spend a lot of time tossing and turning in bed tormenting yourself about your mistakes, limitations, and shortcomings; sit down, take a few deep breaths, and direct your thoughts to yourself-what you did with a heart full of courage. Remember that time when you decided to talk to the prettiest girl in class (despite the fear of rejection), that day when you took the risk of investing all your money in your own company (despite the fear of failure), that night when you confessed to your parents that although you were a boy, you also liked boys (despite the fear of being judged).  Now, lie down again, keep breathing deeply and with your mind focused on that thought, start feeling your emotional charge lighten. 

You probably imagine you are living on the edge, but believe me, you are not alone.  Millions of us fight just like you.  At this time, when we are fighting a pandemic; environmental, social and financial decline... the worst thing you can do is give up. We need you, the brave ones, who are not afraid to read the saddest chapters of the book called life.  If you are absolutely certain that there is no reason to face adversity, I encourage you to challenge your absolutism through the questions. Question your paradigms, maybe... there is some wrong number in your surrender formula, maybe... a wrong thought snuck into your head uninvited and made you fall into irrationality, just maybe... could you give doubt a chance?

Ángela López, Author.


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