HELLO 2021

In my country, Colombia, December is undoubtedly the happiest month of the year. I don't know if it is because we are a tropical country or because our veins have all that Latin flavor, but the truth of the matter is that this is the time when Pastor López's music, dancing, custard, fritters, liquor and roasts have their most desired reunion. Even, after going through such a complex year as 2020, we Colombians are looking to shake off all the bad things of these 365 days. It is as if during this month we had a clean slate, or simply suffered amnesia for 31 days.

I sincerely hope that this year that is ending will not leave you wounded, dear reader. However, if that is the case, remember to give healing a chance. Easy? It will never be, so let's learn to smile at the process. And how do you do that? I once wrote in one of my blogs that as a teenager I suffered a car accident, which left a deep wound in my right hand, as well as multiple traumas. My hand didn't heal immediately, in fact, the first few months were painful, but every day that passed was a small breakthrough, in fact it made me feel amazed at the perfection of the body. Today when I look at the beloved scar that accompanies me in my joys and sorrows, I am embraced by feelings of gratitude, resilience and love. I may not have the same mobility that other people have in their extremities, but that does not prevent my spirit from moving placidly between dreams and obstacles.

My call with this last writing of 2020 is to forgive…yes! Forgive what you could not achieve in this year, forgive that person who decided to break with you, forgive those who betrayed your trust, forgive those who made you feel insignificant, forgive those who do not understand your way of being. Think about it, if you didn't achieve what you wanted, you probably needed to grow mentally and emotionally to reach it in 2021. If someone did not want to stay in a relationship with you, they gave you the opportunity to meet the right one.  Those who cheated on you will have to deal with the weight of their consciousness sooner or later, so don't fall into the old, unhealthy habit of victimization. As for those who humiliated you in a certain way, remember that it only shows the poor self-esteem they have inside; they are not humiliating you, but themselves. Keep on being you, walk with your head up and stomp your feet, because your uniqueness gives no room for comparison. 

Write your commitments with passion. Remember to work step by step with discipline, always being flexible with the planning of your projects and goals. Listen to your instincts too, after all you are your best friend. Finally, demand truth from your heart, don't let it lie to you with the excuses of fear and laziness, don't be afraid! Taking risks is the beginning of every achievement or lesson. So if you have much to achieve or much to learn, go for what you love in spite of that voice that rumbles in your mind telling you, "I am not capable.” 

When the clock indicates that it's 5 minutes to 12 midnight on December 31, 2020, break the charade that this year only brought you disappointment, take a mental journey through all the beautiful things of the year that is about to end, it may not be too many good things to remember, but there must be something, I assure you. Treasure that within you, now draw that beautiful smile I know you have and welcome it to 2021. Raise your glass of wine, your beer, or your glass of water and seduce this New Year with a hopeful "hello.”


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