"When Zeus forbade fire to human beings, the Titan Prometheus decided to steal it to give it back to humanity, as a consequence Zeus imprisoned Prometheus to a rock in the Caucasus, inflicting for centuries an immeasurable pain to the immortal Titan.” This mythological benefactor loved humanity so much that he was willing to put aside his own well-being so that people would not live under the dominion of darkness or suffer the rigors of cold again. "This is what love is like... it overshadows hatred, strips away fear, comforts anguish, gives conscience to the ego and ignores judgment, since it only knows understanding!  Definitely, acts of love do not need translation, they are simply a universal language.”

One day in high school, while my classmates were reading the horoscope, one of them asked me, "What is your sign?”. When I told her that I didn't know, she asked for my date of birth, and once she knew, she told me with a slightly disapproving tone: "hmm... you are a Gemini, you have two faces, a good one and a bad one".  Actually, I got scared, because I didn't want to be on "Team Evil".  Besides, I also had in mind those concepts of "hell" and "heaven" that my parents had taught me so fervently. Paradoxically, in time, it was these fears that fled from my mind in terror. Nevertheless, I believe that both you and I, regardless of the zodiac sign, religious (or non-religious) belief, have some "Gemini", we are complex and contradictory; but with the option to choose. And even though you think that human behavior can only be dressed in "black or white", the truth is that your spirit is not monochromatic.

Here's one of the colors that would be the ultimate fashion statement for your emotional health:

K. nocking on the doors of our
I. nner
N. ature in order to
D. eliver
N. oble
E. motions to
S. omeone who needs a
S. pirit of love.   

If we do not want the great Prometheus to regret his sacrifice in favour of human civilization, we must appeal to the reasons why we are classified as "civilized beings", namely: kindness, forgiveness, gratitude and affection. In 2008, after receiving the Social Sciences award at the Prince of Asturias Awards ceremony, the philosopher Tzvetan Torodov mentioned in his speech that, "being civilized does not mean having completed higher studies or having read many books, but being able to fully recognize the humanity of others, even if they have different faces and habits". So, I wonder, is it possible that we have abandoned the ancient practices of Savagery and Barbarism, to make way for a modern form of cruelty called Indifference?

In an Earth eroded by Indifference, it is time to give "humanity" back to this civilization through the A2B molecule (two atoms of Love and one of Kindness).  Remember, our fingerprints are different so that we remember that we are unique beings; however, the shape of our hearts is the same so that we remember that we are united by the same capacity to love.

Ángela López, Author.



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