In my countless talks with loneliness, in one occasion I asked this question: "Mirror, mirror... What is the purpose of the person which is reflected in you?" The mirror replied winking me the eye: "Check your patterns of thoughts and rules to be happy. Then, see if your habits work as a team with your values so you can develop a committed sense of belonging towards yourself and society. Finally, remember that you were created to be you... your mold is unique." Therefore, it is not healthy, trying to fit your original existence in someone else, because at the end, and after all, you are a miracle surrounded by millions of miracles. Eureka! Now I knew what the process to change my outdated belief system with an updated version was. Well, what about you? what does silence tell you?

When the bustle is muted, you don't need to be saved; Instead, let it flow because it is right there in "the mental gentleness" where you overcome your fear to know yourself. Frequently, at all costs, we look for company in order to avoid feeling alone, and sometimes, as a result, we are involved into stormy relationships, into harmful friendships, or simply we develop unhealthy conduct habits. But, what if you give the opportunity to the 'monster’ to defend himself and to tell you he is not as horrible as he is portrayed? If in a dark night loneliness invites you to dance, you say yes! ... You might discover that like the "beast" from the fairy tale... "these so-called claws" are actually, loving lessons about how the stars are made of different shapes, colors, and sizes. Next to it, you will learn that focused self-knowledge is power; power to transform and advance.

Therefore, if you like to see the brightness of the stars, start with yourself.  Stop for a moment; close your eyes; breathe deeply and slowly; feel the joy, love, peace, freedom, expansion, and gratitude that you have experienced in those special moments when you've been alone with your inner being. Then take pen and paper and write a few short lines. Like this:

Dear loneliness,

"Thanks for unconditionally being by my side in the most difficult moments, for teaching me that I am responsible for how I think, feel and act. Now I understand how to unleash the greatness of my name."

With love,

Some trips are made in the company of wonderful people, others on the other hand, are only accompanied by "shadow." It is true that with or without someone, our happiness is not subject to the person we have aside. Your ear-to-ear smile must be drawn by your own brush, and not someone else's.  Rather than dive in frustration by not having someone to take the hand to, take the initiative to learn more about yourself by giving a strong handshake to the melodious calm. In this way, you're eliminating useless excuses and you're adding sound reasons to make every step you give, you leave the footprint of a courageous heart who is not afraid to embrace the self discovery locked up in its own silence. 

Ángela López, Author.

Spanish Translation


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